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Davis Aviation Services is a pilot training center operated by airline pilots with 10 years of industry experience, information & resources to facilitate leading professional pilot progarmmes.

  • Exam Specific Notes & Question Bank.

  • Test Series from latest DGCA Questions.

  • Regular Doubt Clearing Sessions.

  • Complete assurance of your DGCA Exams.

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60 sessions

Air Navigation

Air navigation involves piloting an aircraft from place to place without breaking the laws applying to aircraft, or endangering the safety of flight.

40 sessions

Aviation Meteorology

Aviation Meteorology is the study of weather from the unique perspective of the Aviation Industry.

40 sessions

Air Regulation

Air Regulation is the study of regulations concerning flight, air safety, airport facilities and other topics associated with rules of air.

60 sessions

Technical General

In Technical General, we study about the technical aspects of aviation including aerodynamics, aircraft systems and aircraft engines.

40 sessions


The Radio Telephony Restricted (Aeronautical) is a professional license of the international standard and is issued by WPC in India.

80 sessions

Airline Preparation

Airline Preparation Classes are professionally managed by Senior Airline Pilots. Cadets are trained for Written Exams, Compass, Interview Preparation.

60 sessions

ATPL Written & Oral

ATPL Exams are a mandatory requirement for flight crew to qualify for the post of Captain. We also prefer fresh license holders with Oral Exams cleared.

40 sessions

Type Rating - A320/B737/ATR

Type Rating is a certification provided to ensure that the pilot is fit to fly certain types of aircrafts in the craft.


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Setup in 2013, Davis Aviation Services is a ground school service which aims to clear the DGCA CPL and ATPL exam for Flight Crew and Trainee Pilots. Our motive is to facilitate Quality & Professional Pilot Training Programs.

We provides a service that is currently very much in demand for young people looking for airline and airport jobs. We will provide such aspirants with the required job training, interview preparation and present them at Airline & Airport Job Interviews.

  • Both Online & Offline Sessions

  • Concept Based Training

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  • Reasonable Pricing

  • Learn From Airline Pilots

  • Exam Specific Notes and Question Bank

  • Full Assurance of all your DGCA Exams

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